The fiberglass ladders are ideal for telecommunication and utility industries. It has the heavy-duty extruded rung with double locks that provide extra support. For safety purposes, it has an anti resistant pad and wider shoes. It comes with the fire retardant and anti-static side style that makes the electricity impact lesser.
The fiberglass material is different from the Aluminum as it has more flexibility and possesses mechanical strength that makes the ladder stiff and strong. The fiber-glass material lasts a long time and can be colored. It consists of double rivet step construction and heavy gusset bracing, all are heavy-duty steel. Various sizes are available. The reason fiber-glass ladders are made because they prevent electrical conductivity and industries that have a lot of electrical work it is the best for them.

  • Crimped, heavy duty extruded rung with double locks provides more strength.
  • Ideal for utility and telecommunication industries.
  • Wider shoes with anti slip resistant pad.
  • Rectangle box type side style gives more strength to the ladder.
  • Antistatic and fire retardant side style.