This is something different in style of ladders that comes fully assembled. Being multi-purpose means that many tasks can be performed by it. Moreover, more than one person can perform their job at the same time. These ladders consist of rungs that are multi-directional which means you can move the steps wherever you want. It is also slip-resistant with the best aluminum quality. Due to its flexibility to acquire different shapes, there are multiple tasks than can be performed by it.
This ladder can also be used as a scaffold, stepladder, aluminium ladder folding type and leaning that can be easily changed in different shapes. It is connected through the security locks that can be easily locked or open according to the condition. However, one must go through the instruction before using this ladder as there are a lot of features so they might mix up a few. With its great flexibility have great anti-slip foot straps that stop ladders from sliding when performing various tasks.

Features :

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Designed for one or two persons jobs
  • Slip resistant multi directional rungs
  • Slip resistant feet
  • Different shapes suites for various applications