The aluminum rolling staircase ladder helps in performing a wide variety of warehouses and stockroom operations. Through the foot-operated safety lock, the ladder is secured in place to prevent accidents and injuries. Furthermore, it is easily movable enabling the castor wheel to lock the ladders wherever possible. These staircases are designed under the instructions of the OSHA and ANSI, ensuring the safety of the operator.
To make it long-lasting and secure it is fixed with a welded ladder and wide working podium safety railing. These staircases are lightweight and for stability and easy-rolling, it features spring-loaded casters that raise the ladders off its legs when stepping off. It also comes with the step locks that help the operator to climb the ladders safely and confidently. Moreover, to improve the safety standards the feet of the ladder are rubber-capped so they can stand firmly on the surface.

Features :

  • Anti-slip steps.
  • Wide platform with guardrail for safety.
  • Moveable with lockable castor wheel.
  • Wide working platform with safety guardrail.
  • Fixed and full welded ladder.