The straight ladders aluminium are square-shaped. The square rungs give the ladder more strength and make them anti-slip. To make this ladder sturdier the side rectangular section is provided. The straight ladders are used widely and used to come in reliable woods. The aluminum ladders are now used and these are stronger. For instance, heavy-duty box rails are set aside and the deeply serrated square steps that make it slip-resistant. These features make it comfortable to climb on ladders.
The minimum steps offered in these ladders are 7 upto 21. Several tasks can be done through square ladders. The shape of the square ladder remains the same all over. It is used to perform simple tasks that require the support of a wall or something hard. These ladders are usually used in industries, buildings or household works such as painting the houses, etc.

Features :

  • Square shaped rungs gives more strength to the ladder
  • Rung crimped into style gives more strength Anti slip shoes
  • Side rectangular section designed for more sturdy ladder