GST - SW180F Aluminum Foldable Mobile Scaffolding Single Width Tower

The folding mechanism of scaffolding makes it easily transportable with a good storage facility. It can be assembled and dismantled by a single person effortlessly. Aluminium quick stage scaffold dual braking system is provided with caster wheels so it can be moved easily. Aluminium folding scaffolding mechanism is fully welded and safety is ensured.
These compact scaffold tower are portable . collapsible scaffold tower can be fitted in vans. We can Customize mini folding scaffolding towers. On each aluminum work platform with adjustable legs , there are knee rail braces and handrail that is required for working at heights.These scaffolding are perfect to carry materials with feasibility from one place to another. Building a scaffold tower quick and easy to erect.

Features :

  • Foldable Mechanism enables easy transport & storage facility
  • Single person can assemble and dismantle the unit comfortably
  • Caster wheels are provided with Dual breaking system
  • Fully welded with folding Mechanism