GST - STW250 Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding Stairway Tower

GST DW250 STAIRWAY. Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding Double Width Stairway Tower is ideal for safe entrance from inside to access to the top of Aluminum Scaffolding Tower. This provides the customer more safety & ease to get access to the top platform. The Unique features of EASY-DW250 Mobile Scaffolding Double Width Stairway Tower are

Features :

  • This Scaffolding Tower has Integral stairway and handrail system is ideal for frequent ascend and descend inside the tower which is more safe & easy.
  • Safe and simple to transport equipments on a scaffold tower.
  • Very Fast & Easy assembling and dismantling.
  • Equipped with anti-slip profile on stairs to avoid any accident.
  • Stairway and platform equipped with wind lock security system.
  • The Stabilizers & Dual Brakes Castor Wheels provide Stability & Safety during working.

Technical Specifications :

  • Length: 2.50 Mtr.
  • Width: 1.50Mtr.
  • Height: 2.00 Mtr to 15.00 Mtr.
  • Frames Heights: 2.00 Mtr, 1.00Mtr & 1.5 Mtr.
  • Stairs: Internal Aluminum Staircase.
  • Castor Wheels: 200mm with Jack & 150mm with Jack or without Jack.
  • Wooden Platforms = Standard Platform & Trapdoor Platform.
  • Maximum load per platform 200 kg and for the entire tower is 600 kg including tower.