The durable and strengthening Platform Aluminum ladder is made up of high strength aluminous that ensures safety. It consists of a simple design with an anti-slip surface with a large load capacity. Besides, it is made upon the European safety standards. The reason we called it purely safe is because of skid-resistant feet and locking legs that are added for stability. Aluminium rolley step ladder uses for washing vehicles, decorations, general maintenance, cleaning windows, place billboards, etc.
Aluminium Access ladder are adjustable anywhere because of their lightweight and stability. It often has the tool trays and bucket hooks that make the work on heights easier. It also has the Safety guardrail and is only for Single person use giving access from the front side. This is called the platform ladder because it gives a proper stage that is wide and strong that gives a strong grip.Compare to buy a cheap scaffold this platform aluminium ladder will be less price and brand new.

Features :

  • Platform provides secure and comfortable work area
  • Easy to handle and fold
  • Safety guardrail
  • Single person use , access from front side
  • Slip resistant foot and platform