This is the advanced version of the double extended aluminum ladder. It has the square and comfortable square shape steps with anti-slip foot, easily extendable ladder, flexible and durable. Moreover, it is a single person using the rigid aluminum locking hook moves easily in pulley and rope. Upon extension, ladder guides safety and limit and a wide spreader bar helps stop side movement. The amazing feature is, it can also be converted into the free-standing combo ladder.
It provides a strong grip and holds. It is highly secured with a hook tightening system that enables safe and easy climbing. Aluminium self supporting extension ladder price based on size according to your requirements. It can bear the weight of more than 100-150 Kg. It offers a maximum height of 13 upto 55 feet. This ladder is perfect for maintenance, cleaning of the tall buildings, tree cutting, paintings, and much more. The ladders are certified with the BS EN131 standard.

Features :

  • Large and comfortable square shaped rungs
  • Anti slip foot
  • Extendable type ladder
  • Suitable for single person usage
  • Regid aluminium locking hook moves comfortably in rope and pulley